Pecha Kucha Edmonton ... 2 days to go!!

With Pecha Kucha only a couple of days away, I have to admit the nerves are seriously killing me! I think getting word that a 300 plus capacity theatre is now sold out for the event got me crapping a wee bit.

I find i'm gong through moments of cold hands to over confidence. I also realized that the last time I spoke infront of a crowd this size was when I MC'd my Brother-in-laws wedding, which I have to admit, was done with ALOT of alcohol courage. Something that may not work so well with PK.

But in all seriousness, i'll be using this night to talk about the work compiled over the last few years under the ITEM moniker. I'll explain influences such as my love of Designer Vinyl to dealing with my Wife's clutter issues and how i've incorporated it into the ITEM fold. It's basically a chance for me to stop and take a look (very quick look!) at what i've been doing all this time and give me an idea as to where i'm going. Plus i've always avoided explaining the work and figure there's no better way to jump start that ride.

Fuck I just got nervous again!