I don't know how i've missed this as a kid......


The Fine Art of Schmoozy

My entry for the upcoming auction at The Fine Art of Schmoozy.

48 1/2" x 33"
Mixed Media on Plywood


Story of ANVIL

I cannot recommend this documentary anymore. Inspirational and heartbreaking at the same time. Makes me want to go out and buy an Anvil album out of respect for these guys.



Nice write-up from the fine folks over at UK based Artzine Fallyrag.

Thanks again Jon!



Early shot of something i'm working on for another group show next year.

Tattoo Project : Motomichi Nakamura

Motomichi has started an ongoing collaborative project that i'm taking part in next month. Basically the deal is that I choose from a library of his designs to use as a permanent tattoo. From there images are taken of the process and will eventually be documented in some fashion.

The timing is pretty wild as i've been planning to get my first tattoo by the end of the year. So this is no doubt a nice little push to finally get it done.

Edmonton Artist Heath Smith will be doing the honours of applying the work. Appointment officially booked for October 8th!


Iconography of Masks Video

A video from this amazing gig in London is now floating about. Do take the time to check this clip out as this really looked to be an amazing exhibit. Also keep an eye out in there for the mighty HULKFUCK!

Also a final thanks to Jason Atomic and Garry Vanderhorne for the invite to participate. Very much appreciated.


AK-AT (gasolina)

Entry for an upcoming exhibit in Boston next month. Will post more pics and info as we get closer to opening.

Building an Army

Stalking E-bay today for Podium components. Good times.


See Magazine

A nice little article from local publication SEE Magazine for a series entitled Studiovisit. Here they basically visit a number of local Artists/Designers and ask them about their work space. Thanks to Andrew and Eugene for coming out!

Iconography of Mask Flyer

HulkFuck! making the promo for the upcoming Iconography of Mask gig in London.



I was recently invited by UK Artist Jason Atomic to submit a mask for an upcoming July gig in London entitled The Iconography of Masks. The mask I submitted was coined 'HULKFUCK!' and had this whole idea that when people have sex, they become this primal entity that is miles apart from their usual day to day self. They become this sexual 'Monster' that is almost unrecognizable when put alongside their 'normal' persona if you will.

Ask me if I took a picture before I packed it up and sent it off. Go on ask me.....ya that's right....I fucking forgot! In short it's basically similar to this cheap-O graphic you see here with a Red Hulk/Ventilator mash-up. Hopefully i'll get some images from the show as well as the mask on display.


Cobra P.S.A.

I've started work on a follow-up to HERD and currently am in the 'messing' around phase. The show will have an underlying theme of rejection, the need for rejection and the benefit of rejection. Or something like that. So I thought who better to provide the trifecta of rejection than the evil organization of Cobra through a series of P.S.A. announcements......and yes I will eventually be insulting you Mother. So be prepared!


HERD on Video !

TOYSREVIL put together a wicked posting on HERD this past week as well as a great montage video of the process. Enjoy and thanks again Andy!

AND....if that was not enough, there is also a fantastic 3 part documentary on the show over at Asparagusgreen. The episodes also cover Jon Sasaki's brilliant exhibit which is taking place in the main gallery space at Latitude53 alongside HERD.



With HERD nicely settled in at Latitude53 i'm pretty well ready to distance myself from a 'Galaxy Far Far Away' with TROIKA!.

Early stages and all, but i'm feeling pretty good about this one.


HERD opening

A couple of quick snaps from the HERD opening. All in all it was a great night with a decent turnout and a few sales to cap it all off. The show will be running till May 16th.


ChuckDroid Release

I'll be exhibiting ChuckDroid at next months HERD where the piece will be available in a 3 run edition. More pics to come !


Landscape 1

I've always been a fan of collage work and finally decided to give it a stab. Not sure where it's going, but you have to start somewhere.


main ITEM site is now up !

After a bit of a delay and what not, i've finally been able to post the updated site for ITEM. As well i've taken down the ITEM shop and will have pieces available through the main link, including the leftover pieces from the upcoming HERD show in the Spring.


White Lies - E.S.T.

Yes I watch Gossip Girl and yes I think this song they played at the end of last nights episode is brilliant. Apparently it's to be released later this month.


HERD chatter.....

With the opening of HERD a few months away, i've been considering the idea of incorporating a couple of the Star Wars/Gap Model mash-ups into the show as 'one off' prints. I want them to help further the exhibits exploration of the pop culture we grew up on and how it's become a major influence in the way we design/create today as adults.

Images of AT-AT's coming over the icy horizon of Hoth or seeing Vader enter the screen for the first time is still 'in our heads' today. For some (me included) this really was our 'Art', our influence and our motivation to do what we do today. So with HERD, I wanted to further explore this idea and maybe also establish dialogue with other Desgners/Artists to share where each of our creative outputs originated from. I'm sure there's someone out there that owes it all to Strawberry Shortcake.