Random Shot

Wider shot of Orange Edith sitting infront of Soapbox Films in Burbank. This project actually scored Lettuce the Design Green Award with a first place finish in the Environments category.


Moji Custom

Pretty stoked to line-up a Moji custom by Brooklyn Artist Lou Pimentel. More customs with local designers have also been lined up for the year.

Exhibit Watch

Another Munny show here in Edmonton this spring which will also include a bunch of customized Framesicles by local Tattoo Artists and Graphic Designers. More to come.....

UNKL vs. Boardeli

Boardeli's fresh series of decks from UNKL are close to being released. March 1st pre-sale!

Kouri Monster Custom Update

Chad Kouri was cool enough to send me this progress shot for his upcoming MONSTER lamp custom. Apart from this teaser, i'm completely clueless as to what the final product will look like.

The lamp may make a few exhibit appearances this year. Fingers crossed!