DESIGN and DESIGN : Book of the Year

SALVADOR will be included in the upcoming Design and Design Book of the Year.

The hard cover publication which is released every January will consist of 730 designs from around the world. Definitely looking forward to seeing what they compiled.

More info here.


Barcode Building

I have to admit i'm seriously geeking out over this building in St.Petersburg, Russia. It's titled 'Barcode' and you can read more about it here.


Pecha Kucha Night 2 : Done and Dusted in Edmonton

So I made it through my first Pecha Kucha and have to say it was a great time. Though I was pretty nervous leading up to the opening, the wine helped bigtime to ease the situation. Plus it was nice to see that I wasn't the only one who had a bad case of nerves.

All in all it was a solid night. I really have nothing negative to say about the presentations as I know that it takes some courage to head up there and keep the audience captivated for a short period of time. But I did find a moment where one got uncomfortably preachy which created some debate on the way home. That for me was a great thing to come out of the show as it really raised a few questions amongst our group.

As for my routine, I think I did OK as I was able to avoid going to my notes. Plus it seemed like I was up there for only a minute as it really was a complete blur. Response was good during and at the intermission, plus I did get a few new contacts which was great. It definitely was a nice way to end the furniture run under ITEM and head into a new direction starting with the solo gig next year.

Big thanks again to Next Gen Edmonton for the invite. They really did a fantastic job and i'm looking forward to PK3!


Pecha Kucha Edmonton ... 2 days to go!!

With Pecha Kucha only a couple of days away, I have to admit the nerves are seriously killing me! I think getting word that a 300 plus capacity theatre is now sold out for the event got me crapping a wee bit.

I find i'm gong through moments of cold hands to over confidence. I also realized that the last time I spoke infront of a crowd this size was when I MC'd my Brother-in-laws wedding, which I have to admit, was done with ALOT of alcohol courage. Something that may not work so well with PK.

But in all seriousness, i'll be using this night to talk about the work compiled over the last few years under the ITEM moniker. I'll explain influences such as my love of Designer Vinyl to dealing with my Wife's clutter issues and how i've incorporated it into the ITEM fold. It's basically a chance for me to stop and take a look (very quick look!) at what i've been doing all this time and give me an idea as to where i'm going. Plus i've always avoided explaining the work and figure there's no better way to jump start that ride.

Fuck I just got nervous again!


solo ITEM

Work is well underway for the first ITEM solo show slated for the new year. The image above should give an indication of the shows theme as well as the proposed title....

The exhibit will consist of 12 pieces. Venue and dates TBA.


PARC bench

I'm revisiting an earlier piece called PARC BENCH. The one pictured here is the first version made a couple of years ago for a *FROST exhibit. The intention was to have the user sit on the bench and basically run their fingers through the 'grass' while forgetting the days events.

A revised model is in the works and will be pumped out for '09.


I've been asked to participate in an upcoming Pecha Kucha night here in Edmonton. If you're not familiar with this event, the format is 20 slides at 20 seconds each to present your case.

Let the nerves commence.....now!