Cobra P.S.A.

I've started work on a follow-up to HERD and currently am in the 'messing' around phase. The show will have an underlying theme of rejection, the need for rejection and the benefit of rejection. Or something like that. So I thought who better to provide the trifecta of rejection than the evil organization of Cobra through a series of P.S.A. announcements......and yes I will eventually be insulting you Mother. So be prepared!


HERD on Video !

TOYSREVIL put together a wicked posting on HERD this past week as well as a great montage video of the process. Enjoy and thanks again Andy!

AND....if that was not enough, there is also a fantastic 3 part documentary on the show over at Asparagusgreen. The episodes also cover Jon Sasaki's brilliant exhibit which is taking place in the main gallery space at Latitude53 alongside HERD.