EDITH custom

A Yellow EDITH is on it's way to a client in Florida with some minor customization where the usual 'MAIL' wording was replaced with a house number. I actually dig this version quite abit.

08 Project : Part 5

Had a chance last night to work out some quick scale models for the 'o8 project as well as another piece that's in the works.

I seem to be leaning towards the name BOOM! right now.


08 Project : Part 4

Bit of a spark today regarding the '08 Project after coming across a few pics of Japanese Blood Grass.

I'm pissing around right now with the 'explosion' component of the piece and completely forgot that I had planted a few of these last year in the garden. The color is absolutely brilliant in it's full glory and has a wicked name to boot.

Still wondering though what the hell this piece is to be. Lamp, speaker, birdhouse, etc. Might say fuck it and leave it as an outdoor sculpture.


Latest Collaboration

Stained a bunch of my Gravediggers this weekend for an upcoming collaboration with UNKL and Boardeli.

Very, very stoked about this one.


Studio Shots

My inhouse employers.....always watching......

The studio's gas tank.

'08 Project : Part 3

Kinda diggin' this direction........

'08 Project : Part 2

Finally sitting my ass down tonight to work on the '08 project.........