MONSTER does Miami

Motomichi just fired over images from HEIST where our custom MONSTER made a recent appearance.

I'm pretty happy to have this shown in public again as it's last outing at Toronto's IDS show was less than stellar. Some hefty damage came about to this item during shipping to and from the event. But luckily we were able to piece her back together and have another crack at it.

I really liked the way the light came through on this shot.

Upcoming Collaboration

Another collaboration in the works for '08. This time out it's with Edmonton graffiti artist Steve-Dave. Very excited about this one.

More details to follow.


Soapbox Films Install

Big, big thanks to Russell at LETTUCE for sending me this image of Orange Edith installed at Soapbox Films in Los Angeles.

This version had a few customizations such as a lockable flap at the back as well as an increase in width to accommodate video tapes, packages, etc.

We also switched our construction from basic shop metal to stainless steel which will eliminate potential rust over time. A lesson learned from our first Florida based client.

More images to come.

POL Oxygen Clip

POL Oxygen.