In the works....

Well into working out the next Thinkitem bootleg figure, this time with with local talent Shun Komatsu. The image above is a prelim of the mashup in question which will clock in at about 7 to 8 inches in height. We'll be revamping the existing body we've pillaged and will hopefully be ready to knock out a few very soon. Probably looking at a run of 5.


AK-AT Figure

My first official figure!

These resin bad boys were based on my aK-aT Driver mashup character and was manufactured by The Sucklord.

I had an earlier run of 12 black versions produced last year for HERD. These orange follow-ups were made for distribution with a run of 10.


THX 1138 v2.0

Entry for an upcoming SciFi related poster exhibit......

The intent was for the Artist to choose a science fiction movie and re-imagine a poster for that film. I opted to go with George Lucas' 1971 release...THX 1138. I wasn't the biggest fan of the movie itself but always loved the imagery throughout. So it was a pretty easy route to follow.