'08 Project : Part 1

Finally got a jolt to kick start a project that's been going no further than a napkin sketch. No name for it yet though.

Sketches and notes to follow as they come.


Elemente Top 5

Elemente Magazine was cool enough to list me in their Top 5 Up and Coming Designers list for their October issue with some very kind words from writer Todd Hirsch.


Calgary IDS

Image of Orange Edith and Framescicles from the Calgary Home and Interior Design Show that's taking place this weekend.

Big thanks to Greg Ball for taking these pics.


Valery Goulet MONSTER

The third custom MONSTER honors will fall on Edmonton Illustrator and longtime fave Valery Goulet.

Release date TBD.

Chad Kouri MONSTER

I'm pretty stoked to confirm Chicago Artist Chad Kouri as the next in line to do a custom MONSTER.


I totally forgot about ITEM's intro page for the sites debut until I went through some old files. The Elvis impersonator had absolutely nothing to do with the studios work, but what the hey? It's the king afterall!

Calgary IDS

Orange Edith and a couple of Framescicle's will be a part of this weekends Calgary IDS.

Going Hollywood Baby! (well sort of)

L.A. design outfit LETTUCE were cool enough to ask me to supply an Orange Edith for their current reno project at Soapbox Films in Burbank. Hopefully i'll get images once installed.

Nakamura MONSTER dowsed in MILK

The Motomichi Nakamura custom Monster made it's way into the pages of a Hong Kong publication called MILK. Might have to change my name to Joe to help out with the ol'spellcheck. Ah ya, story of my life.

Great spread regardless. Thank you MILK!