HERD shots

Some random shots from the studio regarding the upcoming HERD show...


Enemy Design 2.0

Enemy Design was a collective I co-started back in 2002 that involved simple furniture design accompanied with propaganda inspired graphics by old pal Luis Salazar. We disbanded sometime in 2004 but have recently got back at it again. This time we're dropping the furniture and focusing on the propaganda side of things, but on a fairly loose manner with no real agenda other than world domination! Site launch on the way......


HERD confirmation

HERD will officially be happening Spring 2009 (April 17-May16) here in Edmonton over at Latitude53. More info, images and sales info will be posted closer to the opening date.


The Cure : Harold and Joe

I keep having these debates with a friend about our 'All Time Top 5' lists like a scene out of High Fidelity. I have to say i'm going out on a limb here and declaring this song my all timer. Just one of those tunes that I stop whatever i'm doing and just listen. I still can't believe this was only a B-side.


AT-AT-Aquatic !

A little tribute to one of the all time greats.....

I actually had the DVD on repeat while working on this piece to set the tone. Life Aquatic is without a doubt my 'desert island' choice of movie. Never get tired of it.

GI JOE Movie intro

This intro to the old GI JOE animated movie is absolute money! The song is classic 80's and the echoed background chant of 'Cobra' is fantastic and creepy at the same time.

ITEM interview : TOYSREVIL

A little bit more background info on HERD from a recent interview over at TOYSREVIL. Thanks again Andy!



Big thanks to Andy for posting a sneak peak of HERD over at the mighty TOYSREVIL.

Even if Designer Vinyl is not your thing, you should still take a moment and check out what a great job he's been doing from his base out in Singapore. The way he shows appreciation and respect for this culture will no doubt rub off on any non-believer.

Nerd City

Great little blurb on HERD over at a wicked blog out of Chicago named Nerd City which has now become part of my daily read. Any site that dedicates postings to old school topics such as Masters of The Universe and original NES games, is tops with me. They also produce an ongoing podcast series discussing the latest in Vinyl, Video games, Design and much much more.

It's no doubt made me embrace the inner geek once again.