MONSTER does Miami

Motomichi just fired over images from HEIST where our custom MONSTER made a recent appearance.

I'm pretty happy to have this shown in public again as it's last outing at Toronto's IDS show was less than stellar. Some hefty damage came about to this item during shipping to and from the event. But luckily we were able to piece her back together and have another crack at it.

I really liked the way the light came through on this shot.

Upcoming Collaboration

Another collaboration in the works for '08. This time out it's with Edmonton graffiti artist Steve-Dave. Very excited about this one.

More details to follow.


Soapbox Films Install

Big, big thanks to Russell at LETTUCE for sending me this image of Orange Edith installed at Soapbox Films in Los Angeles.

This version had a few customizations such as a lockable flap at the back as well as an increase in width to accommodate video tapes, packages, etc.

We also switched our construction from basic shop metal to stainless steel which will eliminate potential rust over time. A lesson learned from our first Florida based client.

More images to come.

POL Oxygen Clip

POL Oxygen.


ITEM playlist : QOTSA - Misfit Love

This tune has been stuck in my head for months since I had a chance to catch QOTSA here in Edmonton. Brilliant, brilliant show.

08 Project : Part 9

BOOM! = Black/Grey?


08 Project : Part 8

In regards to the legs on BOOM!, I keep thinking about Claude Cormier's Lipstick Forest at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, which I finally had the pleasure to see in person this past summer. I remember first seeing this in an old issue of AZURE way back in 2002 when it was completed and haven't shrugged it off since.

So this is pretty well the main drive to use branches for the legs at this point. Not sure if i'll go more direct and go with the pink on this one. I have this urge to do a piece in a high gloss black/charcoal.

08 Project : Part 7

Funny how the BOOM! lamp seems to be developing. First the 'head' is 6 feet off the ground and angled, then straightened out for a table top version, and now finally sitting directly on the ground.

It's kinda evolved into a cousin of MONSTER by the looks of it. Difference this time is that BOOM! looks to have legs and a more direct 'vinyl' feel to it which was the original drive behind MONSTER.

Now the thought process switches to material. Right now I am thinking of using heavy tree branch cut-offs for the legs (painted...hot pink? red?). No idea about the 'head' just yet, but I am actually considering discarded cardboard boxes to reduce weight and waste.

MONSTER Sighting

The Nakamura custom MONSTER has made an appearance in the latest issue of POL Oxygen. Big thanks to Kellie Holt for the inclusion.


08 Project : Part 6

Change of direction from the original model and sketches with the head no longer at an outward angle (balance issues). It now has more of a gory approach (unintentional) with the body ripped in 2 with the insides exposed and hanging out. Not the most pleasant point of inspiration but could work out well visually.

Official working title will now be the BOOM! Lamp.


HEIST / Art Basil Miami

Motomichi was cool enough to approach me to include our custom MONSTER lamp for the upcoming HEIST exhibit in Miami. The event takes place during Art Basil Miami (December 6-9) and will include Artists such as Madsteez and a personal fave of mine, Bigfoot.


EDITH custom

A Yellow EDITH is on it's way to a client in Florida with some minor customization where the usual 'MAIL' wording was replaced with a house number. I actually dig this version quite abit.

08 Project : Part 5

Had a chance last night to work out some quick scale models for the 'o8 project as well as another piece that's in the works.

I seem to be leaning towards the name BOOM! right now.


08 Project : Part 4

Bit of a spark today regarding the '08 Project after coming across a few pics of Japanese Blood Grass.

I'm pissing around right now with the 'explosion' component of the piece and completely forgot that I had planted a few of these last year in the garden. The color is absolutely brilliant in it's full glory and has a wicked name to boot.

Still wondering though what the hell this piece is to be. Lamp, speaker, birdhouse, etc. Might say fuck it and leave it as an outdoor sculpture.


Latest Collaboration

Stained a bunch of my Gravediggers this weekend for an upcoming collaboration with UNKL and Boardeli.

Very, very stoked about this one.


Studio Shots

My inhouse employers.....always watching......

The studio's gas tank.

'08 Project : Part 3

Kinda diggin' this direction........

'08 Project : Part 2

Finally sitting my ass down tonight to work on the '08 project.........


'08 Project : Part 1

Finally got a jolt to kick start a project that's been going no further than a napkin sketch. No name for it yet though.

Sketches and notes to follow as they come.


Elemente Top 5

Elemente Magazine was cool enough to list me in their Top 5 Up and Coming Designers list for their October issue with some very kind words from writer Todd Hirsch.


Calgary IDS

Image of Orange Edith and Framescicles from the Calgary Home and Interior Design Show that's taking place this weekend.

Big thanks to Greg Ball for taking these pics.


Valery Goulet MONSTER

The third custom MONSTER honors will fall on Edmonton Illustrator and longtime fave Valery Goulet.

Release date TBD.

Chad Kouri MONSTER

I'm pretty stoked to confirm Chicago Artist Chad Kouri as the next in line to do a custom MONSTER.


I totally forgot about ITEM's intro page for the sites debut until I went through some old files. The Elvis impersonator had absolutely nothing to do with the studios work, but what the hey? It's the king afterall!

Calgary IDS

Orange Edith and a couple of Framescicle's will be a part of this weekends Calgary IDS.

Going Hollywood Baby! (well sort of)

L.A. design outfit LETTUCE were cool enough to ask me to supply an Orange Edith for their current reno project at Soapbox Films in Burbank. Hopefully i'll get images once installed.

Nakamura MONSTER dowsed in MILK

The Motomichi Nakamura custom Monster made it's way into the pages of a Hong Kong publication called MILK. Might have to change my name to Joe to help out with the ol'spellcheck. Ah ya, story of my life.

Great spread regardless. Thank you MILK!


Boardeli Tee Design

This is Boardeli's first T-shirt design that I put together with Goran Jakovljevic.

The car is a '79 Dodge Diplomat which was unfortunately my first car and the deck ontop is an actual shot of a 'Deli complete.



Limited run (100) deck for Boardeli Longboards. The color variant (10 run) should be out soon.


UNiPO entry

Can't blame a guy for trying. UNKL's contest to create a new UNiPO design was too good to pass up on. As you can tell I was having a 'NINJA Obsessed' kind of day.


Boardeli Longboards

Soon after the Deck the Halls gig, Karen Pentland and I decided to go ahead with an old idea of starting up our own longboard company. We invited 13 other designers to help develop our limited run Series 1 line of decks under the name of Boardeli Longboards.


ITEM Munny

ITEM's inclusion for this years custom MUNNY show here in Edmonton.