EDITH Mailbox : Discontinued

EDITH mailbox is now discontinued.

I've reached my production goal of 15 and have officially ceased production.
Thanks to those that have taken the time and effort in obtaining one from me.

I am now working on a wall mounted mailbox as the third entry in the series.
The Salvador stand-up mailbox will only be a one-off while the upcoming wall unit will be available in a small production run similar to Edith.

Custom MUNNY

ITEM entry for LAUNCHPAD next month....


Made In The West / Kouri MONSTER debut

The second custom MONSTER lamp is set to debut at a wicked show here in Alberta called Made In The West. The exhibit which opens Friday May 22nd in Calgary, will focus on design talents based in Western Canada.

The latest MONSTER by Chicago homeboy Chad Kouri is appropriately titled Once Upon a Time : Kouri Monster Custom. For me this a perfect departure from Motomichi's version and really has Chad's stamp on it. He's basically taken a household design piece and reworked it into Art.

Images coming soon.


SALVADOR mailbox

SALVADOR will be the second entry for my mailbox series. Currently being fabricated and ready for display by the end of May. As well i'm working in a removable planter attachment for the top that is not shown.


Muttpop Display

Had a chance to rattle off a little side display piece with my pal Kevin Holm which we both used to house some of our MUTTPOP vinyl.