HERD chatter.....

With the opening of HERD a few months away, i've been considering the idea of incorporating a couple of the Star Wars/Gap Model mash-ups into the show as 'one off' prints. I want them to help further the exhibits exploration of the pop culture we grew up on and how it's become a major influence in the way we design/create today as adults.

Images of AT-AT's coming over the icy horizon of Hoth or seeing Vader enter the screen for the first time is still 'in our heads' today. For some (me included) this really was our 'Art', our influence and our motivation to do what we do today. So with HERD, I wanted to further explore this idea and maybe also establish dialogue with other Desgners/Artists to share where each of our creative outputs originated from. I'm sure there's someone out there that owes it all to Strawberry Shortcake.